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Get accurate insight from real-time data to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and optimise your business.

Enter the Digital Factory Era

Industrial society was driven by technology to enable mass production.
Digital technologies revolutionised this society to an information society driven by communication.

As a result of over 20 years’ experience in OT and IT, I4S developed a solution converging industry experience and software expertise, to enable a fast and simple adoption of IDTs.

Improve your manufacturing efficiency

Would you like to focus on improving your manufacturing operations efficiency instead of firefighting against inefficiencies damaging your production?

Know What, When and How to Optimise Your Manufacturing Operations and Reduce Inefficiencies.

An easy, affordable and scalable solution to securely connect all the ‘Things’ of your factory. A platform centralising data to provide operational teams with actionable insight allowing informed decisions to improve productivity.

Reduce waste & downtime

Are you ready to give the opportunity to your operational team  to make informed based decisions from real time data to reduce waste and unplanned downtime?

Increase your productivity

Looking for increasing  your productivity with a quick ROI,  customised to your need neither difficult, complexe  or over budget?

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Factories of every size, shape and sort make I4S the tool by way of which their digital transformation happens.

Gain Control of Your Factory

Visualise, in real-time, all areas of your factory; anytime and anywhere. Avoid failures before they occur by receiving alerts. Analyse your manufacturing operation data and anticipate problems by making faster and smarter decisions to reduce downtime, waste, and improve your quality.

Optimise Your Productivity in Weeks

An IIoT Platform to centralise information on legacy and new systems from disparate sources: ERP, CRM, MOM and sensors. Provide operational teams with accurate and actionable insight enabling informed decisions to increase efficiency and produce a quick ROI.

Simplicity: Made for Manufacturers

An end-to-end digitalisation allowed by a tailored plug and play automation solution for the industry. A simple implementation facilitated by a step-by-step plan focuses on customers. An easy solution with a custom cost, no commitment, no maintenance and no extra skill needed.

The Easy Solution to Collect and Visualise Your Data

Factories of every size, shape and sort make I4S the tool by way of which their digital transformation happens.

Numbers Speak

Manufacturing Benefits of Industrial IoT​
Reduce Costs
Improve Operational Equipment Uptime & Availability
Increase Operations Speed
Improve Product Quality
Improve Safety

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