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Our Story

If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea. You just have to find the solution for a problem in your own life.” -Brian Chesky, Co-founder of Airbnb…

And this is exactly how it started. Finding solutions.

So Where Did Industry 4.0 Solutions All Begin?

In 2010, Ange Ega, Industry 4.0 Solution’s cofounder, encountered a problem: the pain of collecting disengaged, isolated data from different machines and systems within an organisation, and then having to collate that data and manually match that data before analysing it collectively.

This proved time-consuming, costly, required additional manpower and could have potentially ended with errors and anomalies.

And so the question arose: how can we have encompassing ready-to-analyse data without all the painstaking steps that lead up to it?

Industry 4.0 Solutions was born. A Trio of Directors set to solve the longstanding obstacles of analytics; Ange Ega, AbdelHakim Atmani, Roméo Morgado; generating bespoke solutions for industry to achieve higher productivity and reduce costs.

Our Dream

To build a world where manufacturers can talk to any of their machines from anywhere!


With so many Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms out there, they share the same what and how, but our clients work with us for our why and our who. And this is why Our Clients work with us.

With I4S, you are our clients and our partners. Success in your endeavours means success for us. And we want to make sure that your business is thriving at optimal capacity.

We are driven by an efficient and a pragmatic approach focused on great Client and Partner Servicing, and we are driven to improve your organisation’s overall efficiency and productivity. You get to deal with Our Team directly! No Contact Centres or Local Contractors; but Our Team of Qualified Industry 4.0 IIoT Experts.

Our Team / Partners

The co-founders have more than 20 years of expertise in the area of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This experience enables us to resolve complex problems and interoperability issues to integrate into the industrial ecosystem.

Ange Ega

Leading the reflexion around innovation in industry and business opportunities. He has spent over 10 years designing and deploying complex systems across different industries including Nuclear Energy, Food & Beverage, Water Distribution, Automated Warehouse, Special Purpose Machinery and Automotive Engineering. With such diverse experience in OT and IT, this has allowed him to tailor IIoT to suit any requirement.

AbdelHakim Atmani

He is responsible for Industry 4.0 Solutions’ underlying technology used in Software Solutions. His focus & passion is on data acquisition and backend architecture / infrastructure with 5 years of experience in cloud computing and one of the highest AWS certifications available. With 14 years of experience in designing, developing and securing applications for companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Consultancy Services or public sector bodies like DWP and the European Commissions, he has the insight to develop unitary systems made for success.

Roméo Morgado

The Business Development & Strategic Officer, having developed a new market for SMEs and generating millions of Euros in revenue in just 7 years. As well as bringing this to our table, ensuring progression, Roméo intends to bring this to the tables of our clients, further optimising output after IIoT induction.

Our Values

Our Mission

To help factories do better and smarter producing leveraged by innovation and edge Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs).

Our Vision

Digitalise physical factories via the use of Big Data, Cloud Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Our Goals

Driven by an efficient and a pragmatic approach focused on customer, we aim to improve organisations’ overall efficiency, productivity and growth.

Trade Organisation Partners:

Our network in the area of industry 4.0 is built through partnership with recognised bodies.

Global IIoT Partners:

We want to give the best to each of our clients by offering high quality for all budgets.

We practice what we preach.

Come join us!

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