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Because Connectivity is the first step to enable digitalisation

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I4S hardware kit enable a smooth and custom end-to-end digitalisation of all your factory

Convergence of Information (IT) and Operations (OT)

Industrial Operational Technology (OT) and Informations Technology (IT) merge is the key for Industry 4.0 successful transition. I4S solutions bridge the gap of cyber and physical systems, Big data, analytics and Cloud requires  robustness and cyber security, where Industry and automation requires reliability, extreme resistance and accuracy

Interoperability for Legacy and New systems

I4S IIoT complete kit allows you to integrate all assets of your production floor, without modernising your factory, legacy and new machines connected  to the IIoT platform to facilitate long-term transition and growth. Empower your operational teams with actionable insight, visualise your manufacturing operations as a whole and increase your productivity.

Plug and Play, Collect your data in seconds

Innovating and tailored solutions, using state of the art technologies adapted to your operations. IIoT sensors allow automatic and fast data collection from all machines, accessible to decision makers across your organisation.  Readiness in seconds and a ROI in weeks made for manufacturers.

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All of our Hardware Systems, Industrial Devices & Sensors are:

IP Certified

Have the highest Industry Standard for your Industry

(Inc. ATEX, Food and Beverage)

Proven World Leaders in Industrial Automation & Sensor Intelligence Technologies

From Certified Reliable Suppliers, meaning you do not need to worry about obsolescence.

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Plug and Play industrial IoT Kit

Tailored to your need and industrial environment, Connect your to your machines, devices and sensors, Collect your data in seconds And Starts to learn

The OEE Kit enables you to upgrade existing lines in a simple and efficient way without risks to machine operations. This kit includes the necessary hardware connected to the IIoT Platform displaying accurate information about manufacturing operations OEE.
  • Real-time Automated OEE Reporting.
  • Know with Accuracy the Efficiency of You Asset
  • Easy & Quick Visibility of Equipment Efficiency
  • Analyse Your Availability, Your Quality & Performance with Precision
Why the OOE Kit?  ||Real-time visibility improves efficiency by 20%.  

Optimise your energy consumption by continuously Monitoring, Analysing & Evaluating energy data from all locations. The use of energy & resources in buildings & production is a cost factor that increases with increasing automation. With a Networked Energy Management System, it will allow you to make informed decisions, reduce energy costs and have an encompassing view of what the company uses; how, where and when. With Smart Energy Solutions, energy data becomes meaningful key figures, allowing you to reduce costs and rely on a comprehensive basis for Data Driven Business Decision.
  • Electrical Smart Meter
    • Optimisation of peak loads.
    • Enables you to compare the efficiency of individual machines or locations and make optimisations.
Save up to 50% in energy consumption.
  • Water Smart Meter
    • Real-time water consumption monitoring helps to identify overly excessive usage and reduce waste points.
    • Enhance the efficiency of water systems
    • Implement leakage control
Billions are spent on fixing the damage caused by leakage yearly. A Smart Meter would allow you to know if there are leaks whilst all water facilities are out of use.  

The Industrial Engineering Sensor Kit is a simple and robust sensor solution for Harsh Industrial Environments responding to maintenance needs.
  • Provides early detection of potential problems
  • Accurate insight of your assets’ condition.
  • Data collected enables real-time visualisation, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
Optimise your productivity by reducing unplanned downtimes, as well as time spent on problem analysis, maintenance and repair.  

The Traceability Management Kit is comprised of Wireless Sensors, RFID Tags & Gateways.
  • Track & Trace material, equipment and logistics assets in real-time.
  • Visibility: allowing you to optimise and analyse planning.
  • Overview: reduces search, inventory and material management.
Plug & Play Implementation in the supply chain without the need for System Integration.

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