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Factory digital transformation made simple

An IIoT Platform converging over 20 years of Industrial Operation Technology experience and Information Technology expertise.   

A scalable IIoT platform to grow with you

Connect all the things of your factory, centralising data to enable actionable insight allowing informed based decisions to increase efficiency, optimise productivity and improve your business.

Centralise and Own Your Factory’s Data

- Analyse in real time your manufacturing operations
- Integrate any source of information, CRM, ERP, MOM and sensors in one platform.
- Visualise all areas of your factory from anywhere, anytime.
- Receive alarms and alerts monitoring critical areas of your factory
- Make more accurate data driven decisions using asset reports
- Actionable insight for your operational teams

Continually Improve Your Operations

- Increase your quality (minimise quality reject, rework and scrap)
- Analyse your performance (production settings optimisation)
- Reduce waste (manage your energy usage and inventory excess)
- Optimise your production (reduce unnecessary use of materials and increase profitability)
- Improve your maintenance (prevent damages and failures)

No Coding, For a Simple Implementation

- Interoperability with any legacy and new systems, without modernising your factory.
- Custom and affordable cost with no commitment, no maintenance, no extra skills needed
- End-to-end digitalisation with tailored and certified Plug and Play hardware solutions.
- Secure and reliable products using industrial automation’s best standard.
- Risk-free integration done by our experts.

Simplicity is key to efficiency

Maximise the benefit of IIoT to offer you the power to save the most critical asset managers have, time.

Give access to your team to the right informations they need

  • Accurate data at the core of your organisation
  • Security of your informations
  • Data-driven decisions to optimise your business

Start your transformation today

Actionable production insight from accurate real time data

  • Real-Time production insight for your team
  • Control your factory shop floor at anytime from anywhere

An easy adoption for your manufacturing operational team

Easy Integration (Legacy & New Equipment) Customised Implementation (step-by-step) Real-Time Data
Visualisations (Live & Remote) Condition Monitoring (Full Automation & Connectivity) Prevent & Predictive Maintenance
No Additional Skills Required (no learning curve) No Software Maintenance (upgrades built-in) System Security
Affordable Total Control of Your Bills (on demand) No Commitment



1 %
online cyber-attacks target small businesses
1 %
of manufacturers have already adopted IIoT solutions​
1 %
small business owners feel prepared for cyber attacks​

Of which

1 %
reporting that they found them extremely effective

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Energy / Oil and Gas

Food & Drinks



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Public Transport

and many more...

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