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Specialists with over 20 years in the industry (IT/OT).
Help you to understand, implement and connect your factory to engineering, production and business management.
We work with you to find the best solutions to suit your business.

How do we help you with your digital transformation?

By creating a fully intelligent, digitalised, networked, and decentralised Value Creation Business.

Step by Step Process

We deliver turnkey and individually developed products to our customers. Our solutions are designed to be functional, safe, scalable and cost-efficient.

Our Individual Solutions are tailored to your needs including Custom Hardware, Products, Custom IoT Platform features, and services for Small and Medium-sized Companies.

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A step by step implementation of Industry 4.0, from planning to implementation. Our approach to Industry 4.0 transition is by defining a custom roadmap of the steps required to adopt the digital technologies and the data driven process to be integrated into your business. As a result of 20 years of experience in OT and IT, I4S consultants help you to define a strategic plan and a tailored roadmap to a smarter factory. A turnkey solution: simple and agile, at your speed, and within your budget. Metrics are monitored throughout each step of implementation of the strategic plan, allowing manufacturers to visualise clear results.


We provide an integration service for our clients to ensure easy implementation to our clients’ factory networks enabling an efficient, quick and risk-free integration, without disrupting operations and without replacing existing infrastructure. The integration of physical systems to cyber systems with advanced communication networks is the heart of Industry 4.0. Industrial Digital Technology enables manufacturers to connect machines in order to create a fully integrated factory. Transforming physical data into digital data allows accurate and actionable insight. Data-driven manufacturing SME, made easy!


At I4S, we believe that servitization can help our clients to create a new business model and change from Product to Product-As-a-Service offerings. This allows your business to improve your customer interactions and strengthen your customer relationships. Become a data driven business where reports, real-time visualisation, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance enables OEMs to optimise equipment, predict when and what maintenance is required, and avoid problems before they happen.


Comprehensive and fast client / customer support You are not alone. The I4S Client Support Team is here to respond to your questions, advise you on how to master the data collection and management process, and make sure you’re taking full advantage of your tools. In addition to this, you will get detailed help-documentation, educational resources, and training programs, so you will not feel left to yourself

A digital factory for real results

61 % of responding manufacturers agree that they could use digital technologies more to boost their productivity.
80 % of manufacturers state that 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution ) will be a business reality by 2025.
96 % of manufacturers agree that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be about connectivity and communication.
29% Creating new business opportunities
18% ability to sell Product as-a-Service
14% enhancing work safety
61 % of manufacturers disagree that they will find it difficult to keep pace with the change brought about by 4IR.
99 % of manufacturers agree that 4IR will be about turning data into actionable insights.
Only 11 % of manufacturers think the UK manufacturing sector is geared up to take advantage of 4IR. This means we, as a nation, are behind.
13% enhancing product innovation Process
9% Better understanding of demand customers
Source: Morgan Stanley-Automation World Industrial Automation Survey, Alphawise.

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